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KMT Productions is an information-based organization, established as catalyze for cultural, metaphysical, & spiritual development. Whatever path you are on in life we can provide informative DVDs & other materials in order for you to achieve that higher state of consciousness. We have a wide range of categories including, but not limited to, Kemet (Egypt), Afrocentricism, Metaphysics, Astrology, Theology, Economics, Wholistic Heath, History, Politics, Religion, Symbolism, & Occultism. This information is provided to help the people within the African diaspora gain a greater knowledge of our story and it's relevance to the conditions we find ourselves in today.

AKOMA "the heart"

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The New Book By Lion Blyden - Religion of Question a Question of Religion raises several, sometimes controversial questions, and introducing little discussed, and often times, little known facts about religion.  
Like the page, buy the book and lets discuss.
when searching please use Keyword "Comparative Religious Studies"
Religion of Question a Question of Religion A Preliminary Look At Comparative Religious Studies is a good starting point for your intellectual journey through spiritual and religious history. This work was originally a composition and compilation of notes, thoughts and philosophies based on  some of the religious and spiritual belief systems that I have studied throughout my life. My goal for this book was to spark questions and dialogue about what you think you don't know and what you think you know. The point of this collection of information, is to broaden the viewpoints, add to the knowledge base of the reader, and to raise questions that don't always get raised.
Primarily this book can be used as sort of a study guide, taking the terminology and vocabulary used in this work and using them as a starting point for your own quest for knowledge.